Let’s take the mystery out of birth and newborns replacing it with confidence and evidence based practice.

In Home- Childbirth Education

  • Is the end of your pregnancy sneaking up on you and you’re afraid your baby will be born before you can complete a 6 weekly class?
  • Are you and your partner finding it challenging to come up with a night that works for a weekly class?
  • Is your partner apprehensive about participating in a group class because …..(filll in the blank!)?
  • Do you have a ton of questions and would like personal attention rather then being part of a big group?
  • Already have a child and looking for a refresher?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this is the right class for you. Formerly known as "Flourish in Seattle", this class content and teacher remain the same- Jen Laird. 

How does it work?

  • We'll figure out a date and time that works best for both our schedules. Sometimes that means breaking it up into 2 different times but usually we plan for a "1 and done".
  • Jen will come to your home. We'll sit around a table or most often in your living room, wherever feels most comfortable. She'll bring her laptop with a presentation which will give you a visual guide (and to help those who are visual learners connect with the information). She also brings a pelvic model, doll, and other aids - it all about helping you both visualize and hear the information.
  • The class is interactive- please ask questions as we go along.
  • We typically cover the information in 4-5 hours.
  • And you'll receive a digital copy of additional resources Jen recommends as well as a book with reminders and pictures of some of the topics we cover in class


  • We’ll cover the mechanics of birth as well as the less tangible, emotional aspects of this time
  • Caters to a variety of learning styles
  • Balancing evidence based practice and holistic approaches

Topics Covered:

This class will equip you to approach your last days of pregnancy, birth, and the precious newborn period with the skills and confidence you need

  • Anatomy and physiology of labor and birth – Knowledge helps eliminate fear and instills confidence
  • Comfort measures – What works for you?
  • The 3 R’s – Rhythm, Ritual, Rest. Reducing labor pain
  • Am I in labor? Stages of labor and comfort measures.  
  • Birth options, birth plans, and preparing for the unexpected in labor
  • The Fear Cycle– learning to trust your body and understanding the birth process
  • Newborn traits and breastfeeding – what to expect postpartum, the transition to parenthood.


$380 for a one day cost - additional gas fee of $25 may apply if you live outside the Seattle metro area

$200 "refresher" class ideal for families who have a child already


Payment is made in the form of cash or check when Jen comes to your home


To Sign up - Please fill out the following information and we'll work on finding a time that works for both our schedules.