Postpartum Doula Support

Jen Laird, Postpartum Doula

It may be all that you had hoped for and dreamed. It could also present obstacles and challenges you feel ill prepared to manage alone. Imagine having an outside perspective, a woman who has both experienced and been trained to handle the demands of birth and the postpartum period.


My desire is to help your family gain confidence, provide encouragement and walk alongside you on this journey into parenthood.


In the weeks following birth when uninterrupted sleep is a distant memory, I am the breath of fresh air that provides both emotional and physical support.  Need a shower? I’ll hold your baby. Questions about normal newborn behaviors?  I can fill in the blanks. Nursing challenges? I'll make suggestions and help you come up with a plan. Not sure how to help this crying / discontent baby? Let me show you how to swaddle and sooth. Dirty dishes piling up and not finding the energy to cook? I'll clean up and prepare nutrient rich foods. 


Who Needs A Postpartum Doula?

  • Seattle is full of transplants which means often our family is far away and our friendship circles are either limited or unable to offer the type of support you need during this time of transition. Some lack a "village" or experience in feeling confident in caring for a baby.
  • Maybe you had a really long birth and both parents need to catch up on much needed rest
  • For those struggling with postpartum mood disorders whether "baby blue" or "depression", a postpartum doula can be of great assistance.
  • Anyone who could use a little extra help.
  • Everyone!  


Interested in chatting with Jen about Postpartum Support? Reach out!

How Does It Work?

Do I have to book in advance?
Nope, not in less you really want to. I feel many new families don't know they need support until they do. Therefore I do not require a contract to be signed in advance.  As an active birth doula, I am on call for supporting families going into labor. While I rarely need to reschedule, it does sometimes happen. 

What's the minimum number of hours you'll do?
When I come to your home, it's for a minimum of 2 hrs. At night, the minimum is 8 hours. I could come once, or we could set up a weekly schedule. 

What's your rate?
I charge $38 per hour during the day and $42 per hour at night.